Instagrammable locations in Japan worth capturing.

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Social network has helped us human beings in a wide variety of fields. Whether it will be for online selling, marketing, or even if you just want to research things or places that may interest you. It became a powerful tool for all of us to have a point of connection to the world. Let’s face it, most of use use instagram to show the world the places or things that you have done and gone to. Here are some spots worth you sharing. 

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

A pathway 500 meters long located in the outskirts of Kyoto Japan. Tourists will have a serene experience visiting this place. To elate your instagram experience in Arashiyama, why not dress up in a kimono and rent a rickshaw as well. 

Mount Fuji

Everybody knows Mount Fuji is the tallest peak in Japan but mainly people flock Mount Fuji’s location for one thing, it’s majestic views. No matter what season you visit Mount Fuji surely it will get you the likes you want in your account. 

The Blue Pond

Located on the banks of Biei River in Hokkaido, during the eruption of Mt. Tokachi a dam was built to prevent the mudflow on the town of Biei. Due to the construction of the said dam, the Blue pond was artificially born as a by-product of the dam construction. 

Tokyo Tower

When we say Tokyo it automatically equates to the Tokyo Tower. Built in the post war era to mark the recovery of the Japanese economy. The design itself was inspired by the Eiffel tower and was used as a communications and observation tower in Tokyo. 


For our avid instagram user friends, please do check out this places on your next trip. 






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