Experience Japan thru Camper vans!

Japan Road Trip provides English support to foreigners and first time users as well. Enjoy your camper van, motorhome, RV trip with a peace of mind. 

Vehicle tour &
Free driving lesson

Benefits for long-term travellers

We offer a virtual vehicle tour via web camera.You can check the appearance and interior equipments before leaving or even before booking.

Safe for first-time drivers

Experience using the camper van equipments for the first time!

Drive the vehicle of your choice prior renting it!

We will tend to all of your questions regarding camper vans, RVs with care!

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Driving a Motor Vehicle in Japan

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The Interior design of each vehicle is done by a professional interior coordinator. Hire the vehicle of your own liking that will best suite your trip!

All of the vehicles are equipped for your essential camping needs. Some vehicles are equipped with a separate air-conditioning system during the summer season and heaters for the winter season. Some of our vehicles offer a power generator as a standard equipment when you rent a certain vehicle.*For hygienic purposes, usage of the toilet and the water sink is strictly prohibited in all of our vehicles.

Compensation for our customer's peace of mind. We oblige our renting customers to apply for the "Security Insurance" which reduces the burden of costs to a certain amount in an unlikely event of an accident. Our staff will support you if an unlikely event of an accident or break down so you can still enjoy your camper van, motorhome, RV trip with a peace of mind.


Standard class¥19,800~ Rides 6 pax/ Sleeps 5 pax
High class¥22,800~Rides 7 pax/ Sleeps 6 pax
Premium class¥24,800~Rides 8 pax/ Sleeps 8 pax

Vehicle Equipments

Navigation systemElectronic toll collector (ETC card not included)Back monitorFF heaterPower supplyBedFridge

Camper van images

Hire the vehicle of your own liking from our fleet of vehicles that will best suit you on your trip. Depending on the number of users, places to go, interior design, sleeping space etc we will have the perfect van for you! We also offer free driving courses and vehicle tours prior your trip in order to experience the vehicles before making your choice.




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