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Campervan Rental in Japan

We are a company offering  camper vans for rent in Japan!
We recommend to rent camper vans when you travel in Japan.
You can pick up your rental campervan from Narita/Haneda airport!(※In the case of delivery to the airport, you have to pay separate fees.)

Key Features

Interior decorations are beautiful.


You can pick up your rental campervan from Narita/Haneda airport!(※In the case of delivery to the airport, you have to pay separate fees.)

With multi-language car navigation system.
※Not all vehicles.

The Interior of Our Campervan


Campervan Hawaiian


Campervan Wing

Retro American

Campervan Retro American


Campervan Sky

Charge List

add another night15,000JPY+Tax

*For example, in the case of 6 persons, you can use for per person 2500 JPY.

  • This charge is all year long.
  • In the case of delivery to the airport, you have to pay separate fees.
  • Payment must be paid for in advance by credit card only.

Cancelation Fee

  • Up to 10 days prior to the date of rental:10%
  • Up to 9 days prior to the date of rental:20%
  • Up to 8 days to 2 days prior to the date of rental:30%
  • Up to 1 day prior to the date of rental(Within business hours):80%
  • Date of rental:100%


MenuRental Charges
Chair × 7 for camping440JPY
Tarp tent1,320JPY
Cooler boxLarge: 3,300JPY
Middle: 1,650JPY
Small: 1,100JPY
Game machine2,200JPY
Sleeping bag × 7 for children × 3880JPY
Mobile charger330JPY
Bluetooth Speaker1,100JPY
Blankets × 7880JPY
Folding table440JPY
Coffee (mill grinder)440JPY
Family fishing set × 4880JPY
Moth network, insect cage330JPY
Float large × 3 × 2 small float into the air330JPY
Life jackets for adults 8 children 3440JPY
Hair dryer440JPY
Vinyl Pool1,100JPY
Astronomical telescope1,320JPY
Into the air330JPY
Pets (the gauge)up to two dogs small dogs
one animal medium-sized 5,500JPY
up to two dogs small dogs
one animal medium-sized 5,500JPY
large one animal 7,700JPY
Playing cards, Uno, Othello, BlokusFree
Car FreshenerFree

Insurance Options

Insurance and compensation limits

In the unlikely event of an accident, compensation will be made within the following limits.
Personal insurance unlimited
Objective insurance unlimited (exemption amount: 100,000 yen)
Passenger insurance 10 million yen
* If you do not report the accident to the police (no accident proof), you may not be compensated. (The full amount will be paid by the customer.)
* In addition, insurance money will not be paid in the following cases. Please note that damages will be borne by the customer.
* If someone other than the person who submitted the loan contract drives and causes an accident
* Accidents due to unlicensed driving
* Accidents caused by drunk driving
* Accidents when the rental period is overdue without prior notice
* Other cases where the Company violates the matters stipulated in the loan agreement
* In all other cases, payment will be made in accordance with the insurance company’s terms and conditions.

Safety compensation service (optional)

Compensation for damage damage of car rental vehicle (including all the equipment of the vehicle), all will be borne by the customer.
This it plans to long as the subscription of the repair costs of the vehicle, the amount to be borne by the customer will be reduced to “one accident contribution” of a certain amount *.
Service charge is 3,000 yen (+tax) / day
once of accident per 100,000 yen ※ (excluding tax)
※ camper repair costs because of expensive, we recommend joining.
※ below the non-operation charge will take separately.

Road Service

In case of trouble, we have subscribed to the road service.
In case of problems such as towed express, battery exhaustion, gas shortage, in-lock, puncture repair, derailment, etc., please contact the emergency contact information.

Non-operation charge (NOC)

In the unlikely event that an accident, theft, malfunction, or damage occurs and the vehicle needs to be repaired or cleaned, you will be charged the following amount as business compensation during that period.
100,000 yen (tax free) when self-propelled and returned to the place of return
150,000 yen (tax-excluded) if self-propelled and cannot be returned to the planned return location
* You will be charged separately if you subscribe to the safety compensation service.

Q & A

What should I do in case of an accident?
Please respond as described in the booklet when an accident occurred. If it is damaged and there is no report from the customer, we will charge you for damage due to vehicle suspension in any case.
I want to extend.
If there is no reservation next, it can be extended. Please consult us as soon as possible.
I forgot to add gasoline.
If it is impossible to return the full tank, we ask you to pay 20,000JPY in all cases.
The room was dirty. I broke the things in the room.
Please report immediately. In the case of damage, there is insurance for exclusive use of the room, so it is recommended to join when renting.
We will charge a special cleaning fee for dirt that does not come off during normal room cleaning. If you do not report it, you will be liable for vehicle suspension at any time.

Notes regarding traffic rules in Japan


\Please feel free to contact us/

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