A quick guide for some UNESCO World Heritage sites in Japan

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Any foreign visitor or even a local here knows what this country can offer. It may be manmade wonders here in Tokyo or the hidden natural treasures that Japan offers. This will be a quick guide to the different cultural sites recognized by UNESCO. For foreign nationals and even the locals planning a trip, surely you will be fascinated by these stunning sites that offer insights to Japan’s natural and historical heritage. 

Prehistoric sites in Northern Japan (Sannai)

Sannai archeological site provides proof that during the Jomon period (15,000 BC to 300 BC) there was a development of hunter-fisher-gatherer society that flourished in the area. Visitors can enjoy the reconstructed excavation sites where they can see exhibits displaying objects excavated from the area. 


Himeji-jo is famous for its surroundings during the spring time. There are 1000 cherry trees that bloom every spring on the castle grounds itself. The construction is being regarded as one or if not the best architectural marvels in Japan during its construction. For 400 years until now it has survived multiple earthquakes and bombings from previous wars. 

Sacred sites in the Kii mountain range

No matter what religion you you believe in this place will ever be majestic. In the Kii peninsula you can find this 3 sacred sites which will be the Kumano Taisha shrine, Mount Koya and Ise jingu. Visitor here can experience some of the most majestic and spiritual sites Japan can offer. 

Itsukushima Shrine

Itsukushima Shrine is well known for its “Tori” that is directly constructed over the sea. It appears to be floating during the high tides and visitors can access it during the low tides. It has been an important center of Shintoism in Japan. 

These sites are just some of the 25 UNESCO World Heritage sites here in Japan. Unarguably you will not run out of places to go to while in Japan. Why not include this to your trip and what better way to experience these sites while having the freedom of traveling and lodging at the same time. 







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