Ogi Sta. – JAPAN ROAD TRIP(ジャパンロードトリップ)

Car types and prices at Ogi Station Branch

Van class

Easy to drive, recommended for first-time users!

24 hours17,800yen

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Van class

Regular season
High season
(July to September)
Golden season
every 24 hours 17,800yen 19,800yen32,800yen
Safety compensation3,000yen/day
Studless tire
3,300yen/day ※*Up to 23,100 yen
Various options from 440 yen
Dispatch fee Fukuoka Airport (16,500 yen including tax/one way)
Discount Long term discount: 10% discount for 7 nights or more, 15% discount for 14 days or more, 20% discount for 21 days or more, 25% discount for 28 days or more
Early bird discount: 30 10% discount for reservations made more than a day in advanceOgi

Ogi Station Branch Rental Location

Rental Location:2626-1 Ogimachi Hatakeda, Ogi, Saga 〒845-0002
Phone Number:03-6777-6565
Office Hours:10:00~19:00
*Telephone reception ends at 19:00

\Click here if you would like vehicle tour or driving lesson/

Click here if you would like vehicle tour or driving lesson

We offer free tours for those who want to see the vehicle in advance and free lessons for those who want to actually drive it so that even first-time users can use it with confidence! Our staff will be happy to assist you, so please feel free to apply!

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Office hours:10:00~19:00



Office hours:10:00~19:00