We are ready for you here at Japan Road Trip! - JAPAN ROAD TRIP(ジャパンロードトリップ)




We are ready for you here at Japan Road Trip!



A lot of people are staying home because of the corona virus, steps were taken by our respective heads of state in order to curb the spread of this disease. Work from home, social distancing, observing strict personal hygiene etc. At first, it seemed impossible to grasp the idea of social distancing here in Japan or any where else in the world. With packed trains during rush hours to restaurants full of customers for a late night drink.

At some point we all got stressed and thought about getting out to breathe some fresh air. As for now, we won’t be able to do that freely because of the constraints from the state of emergency imposed by the government.

We at Japan Road Trip are taking steps in order to provide our up coming customers a safe, clean and disinfectant treated cars to use. We used the state of emergency declaration to our advantage by doing maintenance checks to our car fleet and making sure all are in top condition.

After the state of emergency is lifted where will you be going? We know that the norm of social distancing will be with us for a long time until a definite solution is available. So if ever you are planning a trip, why not do it in a camper? With freedom and isolation at your hand, you will be able to destress from the issues that were brought to you by this pandemic. At the same time still grasping the idea of social distancing and respecting the personal space of other people.


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