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Top 5 most popular camper vans


The number of tourists to Japan was about 25 million in 2023, returning to pre-Corona levels.

Along with this, the number of campervans rented by overseas visitors is also increasing.

We are very happy that so many people are enjoying Japan, that has many attractions such as cherry blossoms, the ocean, Mt. Fuji, Onsen, etc.

We would like to introduce five campervans that are popular among tourists.

You may find them useful as a reference for your rental.

【5th】”Noblesse” Interior designed in the image of French aristocracy

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Classifications: Motorhome Size: Length469/Width198/Height279
Model year : 1st/June/2018 Rides 6 pax / Sleeps 5 pax
✅AC100V Power Supply ✅ETC
✅FF Heater ✅Rear view monitor
✅TV ✅Refrigerator


👉Compact vehicles:
The Noblesse is compact in size, yet has all the amenities needed to enjoy the van life.

Hokkaido winters can be snowy and icy, and for those who are afraid of driving large vehicles or for women, a compact and small camper can provide peace of mind.

Smooth travel in town and on narrow roads makes winter driving more comfortable.

👉Equipped with TV:

In case of rain or snow, you may not be able to go outside, but with the Noblesse, you can stay inside the camper and enjoy the TV in comfort.

Even on days when the weather is bad, you can enjoy entertainment in a cozy atmosphere.

Usage Example(Based on the questionnaire)

Five women enjoyed the music festival 🎵The most impressive experience was sleeping in a campervan after having a great time.

At music festivals, reservations for accommodations can be difficult or expensive, but with a campervan, you can get your own space and beat the fatigue.

For women who love festivals, a campervan is the way to go! After having a good time at their own pace, the restful time in the campervan will surely be a good memory.

【4th】”Fortuna-J” Ideal for camping with a generator!

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Classifications: Motorhome Size: Length499/Width199/Height296
Model year: 1st/May/2017 Rides 7 pax / Sleeps 6 pax
✅AC100V Power Supply ✅ETC
✅FF Heater ✅Rear view monitor
✅TV ✅Refridgerator
✅Rear Residential Air Conditioners ✅Microwave

A campervan is an ideal way of transportation. You can enjoy nature and a pleasant breeze.


👉Optional generator always available free of charge:
The Fortuna J is always equipped with an optional generator (normally 8,800 yen) free of charge.

This makes it possible to charge electronic devices and use electrical appliances at campsites and other outdoor locations by securing a power source.

👉Safe bed design:
The beds are equipped with fall protection, making them safe for families with small children. No need to worry about children while driving or sleeping.

This is a popular specification for families.

👉Light diesel oil:
As an environmentally friendly fuel, the Fortuna J uses diesel oil. Its eco-friendly operation allows passengers to fully enjoy an earth-friendly trip while enjoying nature.

Its high fuel efficiency is another attraction.

Usage Example(Based on the questionnaire)

The guests who used the Fortuna J went to Kinugawa Onsen Auto Campsite and went fishing.

They were able to enjoy freshly prepared fish dishes, with a service that grilled the fish they caught over a charcoal fire for 100 yen.

The campsite is also equipped with a dog run, a pizza oven, and an open-air bath, and the guests enjoyed a fulfilling camping experience.

【3rd】”Jewel” Luxury Hotel Interiors

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Classifications: Motorhome Size: Length485/Width198/Height275
Model year : 4th/August/2019 Rides 9 pax / Sleeps 6 pax
✅AC100V Power Supply ✅ETC
✅FF Heater ✅Rear view monitor
✅TV ✅Refredgerator
✅Air conditioner ✅DVD Player


👉Full Flat Bed:
The Jewel’s bed can be fully flattened to provide a spacious and relaxing travel experience.

It also ensures a comfortable night’s sleep with less fatigue even after long hours of travel.

👉Residential Air Conditioners:
The house is equipped with household air conditioners to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature in any season.

It creates a comfortable space even in the heat of midsummer or the cold of midwinter. This equipment is also recommended for camping in nature.

👉Light Diesel oil:
An eco-camper that is also environmentally friendly.

Fueled by diesel fuel, you can enjoy nature and indulge in earth-friendly adventures.

Usage Example(Based on the questionnaire)

Fuji Fumotoppara campsite at Lake Kawaguchi, one of the most spectacular spots in Japan, created a perfect pageant for van life!

The most memorable experience was watching a movie on the projector with Mt.Fuji. The beautiful natural surroundings will refresh your body and mind.

【2nd】”Rosso” Gorgeous veihcle based on red

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Classifications: Motorhome Size: Length486/Width200/Height267
年式 : 06/01/2013 Rides 6 pax / Sleeps 5 pax
✅AC100V Power Supply ✅ETC
✅FF Heater ✅Rear view monitor
✅TV ✅Refrigerator
✅Car Navigation

There are many different types of campervans, and the Rosso is one of the most popular with its cute interior.


👉Interior prettiness:
Bright colors and cute patterned cushions are especially popular among women and families.

The interior design is a major attraction, accentuating the fun of camping.

👉Compact size:
It is compact in size, yet has all the necessary amenities.

It is easy to drive and can be moved without stress on city streets and narrow campgrounds.

It is also easy to secure a parking space, making it possible to enjoy the outdoors with ease.

👉Equipped with TV:
On campsite evenings, you can relax and enjoy the TV with family and friends.

This has become a popular facility for relaxing in the car.

Usage Example(Based on the questionnaire)

One of the outdoor activities that the guests who rented the Rosso had always wanted to do was a trip to the outdoor sauna set up on the river.

The camper was very compatible with the outdoor sauna, and they were able to use it as a changing area while enjoying a BBQ afterwards.

【1st】”luxe” Serene and elegant interior

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Classifications: Motorhome Size : Length485/Width208/Height275
年式 : 10/02/2019 Rides 9 pax / Sleeps 4 pax
✅AC100V Power Supply ✅ETC
✅FF Heater ✅Rear View Monitor
✅TV ✅Refridgerator
✅Air Conditioner ✅Navigation system

Vantec’s top grade camper for ultimate comfort and freedom.


👉Most popular vehicles and interiors:
Vantec’s top grade vehicles are, as the name implies, number one in popularity.

The secret to their popularity lies in their luxurious interiors. With high-quality materials and well-designed interiors, they combine comfort and beauty.

👉Spacious full flat bed:
The most attractive feature of the Luxe is that it can transform into a full flat bed.

This allows passengers to relax in a spacious environment during long drives or camping.

👉Fully equipped with home air-conditioning:
Equipped with home air conditioning to maintain a comfortable indoor environment regardless of the season.

The Luxe is at home in the great outdoors without worrying about heat or cold.

👉Light diesel oil:
One of the key points is the environmentally friendly operation. Enjoy nature and have an earth-friendly camping life.

Usage Example(Based on the questionnaire)

Enjoy the cherry blossoms at Aonohara Auto Campground in Kanagawa.

The rows of Kawazu and Someiyoshino cherry trees will delight your eyes, and the nearby clear streams and wild birds will soothe your soul.

Get a comfortable sleep on a full flat bed + home air conditioner and prepare for the next day’s adventure.


The Jewel, ranked third in popularity, and the Luxe, ranked first, are similar vehicles.

The difference between the two was the interior design, but how will it be next time?

Many tourists are particular about the interior and facilities.

The calm and elegant interior was predominant in this case, but it may change depending on the season and the country.

We will continue to focus on customer service and interior coordination under the motto “Let’s make a memorable trip!”




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