Traveling to Japan by motorhome, you must visit Shirakawago! - JAPAN ROAD TRIP(ジャパンロードトリップ)

Traveling to Japan by motorhome, you must visit Shirakawago!


One of the most popular world heritage sites in Japan

Shirakawa-go, mainly located in Shirakawa-mura, was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. This is in recognition of its unique culture, landscape, and historical value.

Tourists can visit Shirakawa-go to see traditional thatched-roof houses and try their hand at Gassho-zukuri.
The scenery of Shirakawa-go is beautiful in all seasons, and the snowy scenery is especially impressive in the winter.

If you visit there, a campervan rental at JAPAN ROAD TRIP is recommended. Because Shirakawago is easily accessible by bus or car. So you can go straight to Shirakawago from Narita or Haneda airport.
For those who visit Japan from other countries, a motorhome is a great vehicle to travel around with large baggage.


Why is Shirakawa-go popular as a tourist destination?


Historic atmosphere and traditional architecture

Hida Takayama and Shirakawa-go offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy a traditional atmosphere with their historic streets and traditional thatched-roof houses remaining.
These areas are popular as places where you can experience Japanese history and culture.

Beautiful scenery in all seasons

Hida Takayama and Shirakawago have beautiful natural scenery in all seasons. Especially in the winter, the snowy scenery is beautiful, and the sight of the gassho-style houses in Shirakawa-go covered in snow is a scenic sight.


Local traditional crafts

Traditional crafts are popular in the Hida region, and Hida furniture and crafts are particularly highly regarded. Tourists can purchase these traditional crafts and enjoy the charm of handicrafts unique to the area.

Local food culture


The Hida region is rich in delicious food. You can enjoy local ingredients and traditional food culture such as Hida beef, local cuisine, and local sake.

Accessibility of tourist destinations

Part of the appeal of Hida Takayama and Shirakawa-go is that they are relatively easily accessible as tourist destinations. Transportation is well established, making it relatively easy to visit by motorhome.


More than anything, local people in Shirakawago have a great hospitality to other people from all over the world.
They are all very proud of their own traditions and cultures, and they think how they can tell other people their goodness of living very much.

So the truth is that the government and public people in Shirakawago are making a great effort for any advertising of Shirakawago as a great tour spot in Japan.
For example, they are preparing English menus and signs in various shops in town, offering experiences in traditional Gassho-zukuri and pottery making, making the traffic around Shirakawa-go more convenient and so on.

You are sure to have a great experience in Shirakawago,so don’t hesitate to visit there by hiring a campervan once!






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