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Sapporo Snow Festival

Must visit the Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido by hiring a campervan!


Have you ever been to the Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido?
If not, and if you like some winter sports and winter events, you must now hire a campervan and visit Hokkaido in Japan.
We will give you an ideal 4-day-itinerary for your fantastic adventure!

Day-1: Hire a campervan at the airport.

First of all, hire a campervan at JAPAN ROAD TRIP when you arrive at Shin-chitose airport in Hokkaido.
JAPAN ROAD TRIP will give you various types of great motorhomes for your trip, and they have many rental bases all over Japan which have dispatch service to nearby airports.

So you can get through on a campervan with your large baggage as soon as you get out of the airport.
Drive to Niseko Ski Resort from Shin-chitose Airport for 2 hours and enjoy the scenic drive to Niseko, a renowned ski resort.
In the evening, check in at a nearby RV park. One option is “RV park Kutchan” which is about a 10-minute drive from Niseko.


  • JAPAN ROAD TRIP(Office hours: 10:00-19:00)
    Location: 117-4 Takasago Kutchan-cho Abuta-gun Hokkaido 〒044-0076
    TEL:+81-0136-55-7731 (10:00-18:00)

Day-2 : Full Day of Skiing in Niseko

Spend the day enjoying the slopes and various winter activities in Niseko.
Niseko is renowned for its abundant and high-quality powder snow.
After a day on the slopes, unwind in your campervan and explore the charming town of Niseko-various bars, restaurants, and entertainment options.

And of course, you can spend one more night at the RV park Kutchan near Niseko Ski Resort.


  • NISEKO VILLAGE SKI RESORT(Office hours: 8:00-16:00 )
    *Open until 7pm on days when skiing is open for night skiing.
    Location: Toyama-onsen Niseko-cho Abutagun Hokkaido 〒048-1592

Day-3: Sapporo Snow Festival

The Sapporo Snow Festival is one of Japan’s most famous winter events, drawing visitors from around the world.
The festival is renowned for its impressive and gigantic snow sculptures, featuring intricate details and creative designs. And the festival takes on a magical atmosphere at night when the sculptures are beautifully illuminated.
What is more, you can enjoy delicious Hokkaido cuisine.

The festival offers an excellent opportunity to savor delicious Hokkaido cuisine.
Food stalls and vendors provide local specialties like hot soup curry, grilled seafood, and sweet treats to keep you warm in the winter chill.

If you’re interested in Sapporo Snow Festival details, check more
information on the official website below.



Move back to Shin Chitose Airport to return the campervan. It takes approximately 1 hour by car.


You know Hokkaido is the biggest prefecture in Japan,and there are many famous tourist spots around.
Which means, also you can stay much longer, though this time we introduced you 3-day-itinerary in Hokkaido.
So by hiring a campervan, you can go anywhere you like, and watch their beautiful scenery and natural beauty and also explore various delicious cultural foods there,too.

If you would like to plan to visit Hokkaido, don’t hesitate to inquire us – JAPAN ROAD TRIP.
We can suggest various itineraries and motorhomes for you anytime!






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