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Hakuba, Japan’s best winter sports resort.


Hakuba in Nagano is a popular destination, especially known for hosting the Winter Olympics in 1998.
The region offers a wide range of attractions and opportunities for winter sports enthusiasts.
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Here’s a 5 day itinerary with tips on how to enjoy winter sports in Hakuba by campervan rental.
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Day 1: Hakuba Exploraion

Visit Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium and Olympic Museum at first, and you can experience the glamorous history first-hand.


  • Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium
  • Location: 3609 Hokujo Hakuba-village Kita-azuminogun Nagano 〒399-9301
  • Viewing fee: 460JPY(4.77AUD) for adults / 280JPY(2.90AUD) for kids.
  • Nagano Olympic Museum
  • Location: 195 Kita-Nagaike Nagano-shi Nagano 〒381-0025 (inside the M_Wave)
  • Viewing fee: Free

After visiting each tour spots,hit the slopes at Happo-One Ski Resort or relax in Hakuba Yari Onsen(they have camp sites).

Day 2: Winter Sports Adventure

Enjoy full day of skiing and snowboarding on the slopes used during the Olympics at Happo-One Ski Resort.
And enjoy onsen or local cuisine in Hakuba in the evening.


  • Happo-One Ski Resort
  • Location: Hokujo Hakuba-village Kita-azuminogun Nagano 〒399-9301
  • One day pass : 7,200JPY(73.69AUD) for adults / 3,600JPY(36.85AUD) for kids.
  • Happo Onsen
  • Location: 5701-2 Hokujo Hakuba-village Kita-Azuminogun Nagano 〒399-9301
  • Entrance fee: 850JPY(8.81AUD) for adults / 500JPY(5.18AUD) for kids.
  • Accommodation/Campsite:Soukano-yu Carstay Park

Day 3: Olympic Legacy

Visit the Hakuba Olympic Village and Echo Land, which were built for the athletes who took part in the Nagano 1998 Olympic Games.
Around the main street of Echo Land, there are so many bars, shops, clubs and pubs that winter sports fans from all over the Hakuba Village resort would gather there to spend their nightlife.


Day 4: Outdoor Activities

Engage in snowshoeing or other outdoor activities. Also explore the surrounding nature and take in the scenic views.
And of course camp under the stars or enjoy night skiing and snowboading in the evening.


  • Hakuba Alps Camp Site
  • Location: 9468 Hokujo Hakuba-village Kita-azuminogun Nagano 〒399-9301
  • Site fee: 2.500JPY(25.59AUD) for one night

Day 5: Departure

Drive to a scenic spot for breakfast and visit any remaining attractions at the place like the Hakuba Green Sports Forest or enjoy more winter sports.
After all, return the campervan at Haneda or at some bases of JAPAN ROAD TRIP in the Tokyo area.



Hakuba is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts and those who are seeking a blend of adventure and relaxation.
And if you come around there for both enjoying winter sports and other activities or nightlife,I recommend you to rent a campervan.
This ideal vehicle will solve the matter of your luggages and will take you anywhere with a great comfort.






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