Travel around Nagano by campervan rental - JAPAN ROAD TRIP(ジャパンロードトリップ)
Matsumoto castle

Travel around Nagano by campervan rental



When you visit Nagano, by using campervan rental, and travel around, you will make great memories of your own.

Nagano prefecture in Japan is famous for some traditional architecture like “Zenkou Temple” and “Matsumoto Castle”.

And also Nagano is famous for their traditional foods or tourist attractions made in a great nature.


Your trip will start from Shinjuku station.You can rent a campervan there and leave for Nagano.
It will take about 2.5 hours from Shinjuku to Nagano.

Daio Wasabi Farm

wasabi farm

One more hour driving from Nagano station will take you to “Daio Wasabi farm”.
There you can try a variety of special foods cooked with wasabi ,which you never have in any other place in Japan.


Matsumoto castle


After eating wasabi food, let’s move on to “Matsumoto castle”.

Matsumoto castle is the most famous tourist spot which is one of national treasures in Japan.
So many tourists from other countries or even Japanese tourists often visit there to see its traditional and gorgeous architecture.
And more, they hold a variety of events throughout the year, so you will have fun in any season.


Zenkou Temple


Visiting Nagano, you can’t skip “Zenkou Temple” which is the most popular tourist spot near Nagano Station.
It was built about 1,400 years ago,and you can feel and see some important cultural properties and religious atmosphere of Japan.


  • Place:491 Nagano-Motoyoshi-cho Nagano-city Nagano〒380-0851
  • Time:9:00〜16:30
  • Entrance Fee:¥300〜¥1,200 per one person
  • URL:

Madarao Kogen Camping Park (RV park)


You can stay at Madarao Kogen Camping Park for the first night.
There is natural beauty,enough parking space and even a spa facility,where you can take a good rest.



Kurobe Dam

kurobe dam

4.5 hours drive to Kurobe Dam at Tateyama-city in Toyama-prefecture.
You can see a series of 3,000 m class mountains and a great landscape of natural beauty.
If the timing is good, you might be able to see the gorgeous moment of dam water discharge.


Kita-Yatsugatake Ropeway

kita-yatsugatake ropeway


You must be impressed by the landscape and scenery from the top of the mountain.
At the same time, you enjoy walking in the air , watching such great scenery by using the ropeway.


  • Place:Kitayama-Tateshina Chino-city Nagano 〒391-0301
  • Time:8:40〜17:00
  • Fee:¥550〜¥990/ per child ¥1,100〜¥1,900/ per adult
  • URL:

Return the Campervan

When you return your campervan at Nagano station, your travel around Nagano will be over.
You must feel your Long time trip in Nagano as it goes by in a moment.

If you like this article, now you can make a good plan for traveling to Nagano on your own.




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