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Fuji Rock Festival

Campervan rental for the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan!


Fuji Rock Festival

Fuji Rock Festival is one of the largest music festivals in Japan and is annually held at the Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata Prefecture.
And in this year, the dates are from July 28th to July 30th in 2023.

A great many people in Japan or in other countries would get together for this festival for 3 days every year, and it would be incredibly crowded everywhere.
So if you are planning to participate in this festival all through the day, using a campervan rental is more convenient.

We will give you some tips to have a great time at the festival!

1. Reserve a campervan

You would better rent a campervan which can depart from Haneda Airport, because the venue of the Fuji Rock Festival is located in the countryside and has bad transportation.

JAPAN ROAD TRIP:one of the most popular campervan rental companies can suggest you the best campervan depending on your travel plan.
And the best point of choosing us is that we have a dispatch service of campervans up to the Haneda Airport.

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2. Buy the entrance ticket and the parking ticket in advance

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Tickets for the festival can sell out quickly, so it’s best to buy them in advance. You can purchase tickets on the official website of the festival or through ticketing agencies.

* Please note that parking tickets require the purchase of 2 or more festival entry tickets. Sole purchase of parking tickets are not available and parking tickets cannot be purchased after the purchase of festival tickets.
Please check detailed information of both of the tickets on the official website.


3. Useful items you should take along with

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Rain coat

Please note that using umbrellas is not allowed during the festival. Use a rain coat or something like that if it rains.
You can get them at most of the convenience stores in Japan.

campervan rental
campervan rental

Rain boots and Foldable chair

When it rains, all over the ground will be soaked in the water and messy, and in such a situation you would not be able to take a rest on the ground, then long boots and chairs will be really helpful.

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Mobile battery

There are some electric power stations for mobile phones around the venue, but it would be full of people making long lines. So you would better take your own mobile battery.

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Instant foods

In some RV parks, you cannot use fire for cooking or something. Especially the parking area that must be crowded like the parking around the festival,you have to check if using fire is available or not in advance.

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Cooler box

It is in the mid summer the festival will be held, you know it would be quite hot inside the campervan normally. You can keep something to drink cold longer with this.

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Foldable bicycle

Long distance between the parking around the festival and the venue, it would be hard to go back and forth many times. Loading a foldable bicycle in the campervan,it will be very useful in any case.

4. Public bath around the venue

You may get sweaty or be soaked in the rain sometimes, you do need to take a shower and bath,don’t you?Here are informations of facilities which have hot springs near the venue below,

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Naeba Prins Hotel

  • Fee of the public bath charge: 500 JPY (3.73 USD / 5.6 AUD / 4.98 SGD )
  • Operation Hours: 8:00~11:00 / 19:00~22:00 JST
  • Location: Mikuni, Yuzawa-machi, Minami-Uonuma-gun Niigata, 949-6292
  • URL:
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Azumaya Lodge

  • Fee of the public bath charge: 600 JPY ( 4.47 USD / 6.73 AUD / 5.98 SGD )
  • Operation Hours: Contact and check the details to the host
  • Location: 186-3 Mikuni Yuzawa-machi Minami-Uonuma-gun Niigata 〒949-6212
  • URL:
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  • Fee of the public bath charge: 1,000 JPY ( 7.46 USD / 11.2 AUD / 9.97 SGD )
  • Operation Hours: 24 hours (in the period of the Fuji Rock Festival only)
  • Location: 355 Mikuni Yuzawa-machi Minami-Uonuma-gun Niigata 〒949-6212
  • URL:

5. Artist Lineup

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Other tour spots around Naeba

After the Fuji Rock Festival is over, why not visit other attractive areas near Naeba?
There are many tourist attractions and natural beauty on the way back to Haneda Airport.

Here are some introductions of popular place for tourist from other countries below,

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

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This is a huge outlet shopping mall near Karuizawa station. You can buy high quality fashion brand goods, foods, cosmetics, interiors, goods for pets and babies,and other various things there.
You will be able to spend half a day only shopping!

Shiraito Falls

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This waterfall is located in Karuizawa and is named after its “white threads” of water. It’s a beautiful natural attraction that can be accessed by a short hike.

Zenko-ji Temple

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This is one of the most important and famous temples in Japan, located in Nagano City.
The temple is known for its impressive architecture and rich history. It’s also home to the oldest Buddhist statue in Japan.

  • Office hours: 9:30~16:00 JST
  • Admission fee: 600 JPY ( 4.47 USD / 6.73 AUD / 5.98 SGD )
  • Location: 491 Motoyoshicho, Nagano, Nagano Prefecture 380-0851, Japan
  • URL:


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This park is located near Nagano City and is famous for its hot spring-loving snow monkeys.
You can observe the monkeys up close in their natural habitat, and even soak in a hot spring yourself.

  • Operation Hours: 8:00~17:00 JST
  • Admission fee: 800 JPY (5.07 USD / 8.97 AUD / 7.98 SGD)
  • Location: 6845 Yamanouchi-machi Shimotakai-gun Nagano Japan 381-0401
  • URL:


*Please note that some of these tour spots may require advance reservations, especially during peak seasons. It’s a good idea to check with each campground in advance to confirm availability and pricing.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the Fuji Rock Festival and any other tour spots on your way!




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