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Valentine’s Day in Japan


Valentine’s day is known to be the day when one expresses their love or admiration to a special person. In my country and as well as other western countries its is very common for both men and women to exchange gifts. When February 14th approaches, all the men around the world including me are panicking trying to pick out the right gift or the perfect date spot for their special someone. 

Here in Japan, the roles are reversed and it is actually the women who will bear the pressure trying to find gifts and men will later on return the favor on “White Day” which is on March 14th. 

Most of the gifts being given away by women to men will be chocolates. Whether it is going to be a ¥100 chocolate to a Pierre Marcolini or even a Pierre Hereme Macaron, women in Japan will definitely find the time to prepare this gifts for their special someone. 

Another thing to know about Valentine’s day in Japan is that women not only give chocolates or other forms of presents to men whom they have romantic feelings but male family members, and even colleagues as well. 

Japan’s Valentine’s day really has a wonderful twist with it. Either you are deeply and madly in love with your partner or you just simply want to express your appreciation to a certain person, Valentine’s day in Japan is simply for everyone. 




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